Inside Jazz Listener Comments

We often get feedback from our listeners telling us how happy they are to have found the one real source for jazz on the internet. Here are just a few examples:

  • I'm listening jazz in Cancún

    Hi, this is a message to say you have a great radio station, congratulations.
    Sorry my English isn't good, but I like music and Jazz.....
    Arch. Juan José

  • Compliments


    I am French and thanks you for your super radio, because in France nothing in jazz on our Fm, you summers genials! CHEER!!!! , I listen to much fusion! super radio, you the best summers!!!



  • Hey There,

    Thanks for the great jazz - REAL jazz - with the spontaneity only a live performance can offer, with fresh voices to boot.

    It's a brilliant concept for Internet radio. Your server is rock solid, and your productions sound great too. And you know, there's not that much real contemporary jazz available on Internet radio... well, I suppose you do know that.

    Marty L.

  • Inside Jazz is the Best

Inside is one of the best radio stations on the internet.......

Jan and Josef
Czech Republic

  • Great Radio

I have only recently started listening to the Mix - it's great and I have it on all day at work. I am hearing new artists that I have never heard before and I love it. Keep up the great work.

Calgary, Alberta Canada

  • Wow - very nice

    I'm listening to the Rich Crandell concert right now. Fabulous recording & sound quality. Thanks for your efforts & site.

    Bert & Barb

  • I just emailed to say "I Love You' - thanks to your web page, I have a clue as to the LA area artists to see when I visit SoCal. The music sounds so skilled, so fresh and right up there with the best. And such a selection of clubs to visit. Keep it up - never boring or a compromise.

    Alberta, Canada

  • Congratulations!

All the best to you & compliment to your new radio-schema! (4xdifferent programs)

Kind regards from Vienna,

Chris B.

  • Thanks for providing this great service! I have been looking for a jazz site like this for a long time now, and its great to finally find you.

The music you play is vibrant, true jazz, not the elevator music one finds on the proliferation of  'smooth jazz' stations. Thanks again.

J - C -

  • Happy new year.

I found you guys on the ShoutCast website, when I was searching for some GOOD jazz. I don't know what I'd be listening to without InsideJazz!

If you guys come out with a compilation CD, I'll definitely buy it. Also, I'm located in New Jersey.


Ar -

  • At last live jazz all day!

Thank you!

Have been spreading the word over here in England.

Carry on the good work whoever you are much appreciated

Thank you again!

J - G -

  • Hello!

I just wanted to tell you that you've got the very best jazz music on the internet! :) I've listened to many jazz stations but inside jazz is the best of all!

Encouraging greets from Hamburg (Germany) Kristoffer (18 y.)

  • Hi Guys

I just recently found out about your station.

I´m very pleased with your music selection and the excellent sound quality.

My favourite musician is a guitarplayer named Allan Holdsworth.

He belongs mostly to the fusion section. You´ve probably heard of him. He played with Alan Pasqua in Tony Williams "lifetime" years ago.

I know he played at the "baked potato" previously.

It would be great if you recorded some of his music. But I know he´s very touchy about publishing his live performances.

Greetings from

Bonn, Germany

S - H -

  • Just discovered your station this morning --  WOW...

Is there a way I can buy a copy of that Rayford Griffin recording you played at around 9:40 this morning?  Is that commercially available?

Thanks in advance.

J - S -

Atascadero, CA (near San Luis Obispo)

  • Just wanted you all to know that even in Belgium the jazz is being appreciated by all.

Applause for  the inside jazz team

Greetings from Belgium

A - S - 

  • Hi,

Who was playing at about 2:46pm 2.9?  That was really fantastic!  Where can I find more of their recordings?


M - C -

  • Subject: Great Stuff!!

To: Inside Jazz

Just wanted to let you know I LOVE your station.

Please keep up the great work

M - W -

  • Subject: Congratulations


I just came across your broadcast and must say live really matters ;-)

Is there a chance to get some of the recordings?

There is one tiny thing that I am really missing - the display of the artist in my media player, would be cool if you could add this info 2 the stream!

Thanx and keep it live!

Greetings from Germany,

M - Z -
CTO Software-DRM

  • Subject: really great musik!

Hey guys!

Im a studend from germany, and i listen your program first time today!

Realy great recordings you did!

It totally amazing to listen to.

Go on :-)

S -

  • Subject: RE: fan from Germany

Hi you jazz lovers and makers,

10x for the reply, I almost didn't expect it

10x also for the consideration, I am sure that it will be getting better and better!

I am in Magdeburg, Germany, i am enjoying here wonderful internet connection, but not for long- i am leaving for Greece and unfortunately there I will not be able to continue listening to the station :((((

so maybe I wont be able to evaluate your improvements in the next couple of months

for which i am very sorry :(

Anyways, I wish you a lot of success, it is great, i really love it, and i know i will miss it a lot, i will miss the nights in front of the pc with the radio on...

but that's life :)

I am also trying to promote this way of listening to music and to this particular music, but of course it is not for everybody...

All the best,


E -  

  • I love the song that was played Tuesday Feb 15 at about 10:40, what was it, I must have it?

You guys are the best thing that has happened to internet radio!!!!!!!!!!!!


L - O -

  • Hey my name is Abner Córdova and I´m from Aguascalientes a small town in Mexico i´m 18 years old.

I want to congratulate you for your great station it´s wonderful that there are people that love the great music and do good things to keep live this music.

I really love jazz and i think that your station it´s so wonderful. I want to hear a little bit more of Marvin "Smitty" Smith, Marco Mendoza, Big Time operator.

I love your station and i´m gonna keep on listen to you.

Thanks for keeping the good music alive.

A - C - O -

  • I just discovered your radio on the net, and i find it awesome.


  • D -  In Florida

Thanks for the music. please don't make many changes

  • Hello together,

First: your concept and your music resp. streaming-program is absolutely super…  :-))
Please continue in this way…!

Then I´ve a »big wish« to you:
I heared from a friend, that you played on wednesday, the 23
rd about 11:30 AM  a super drum-solo 
from Rayford Griffin, "my jungle..."(?).

I unfortunately missed it :-( and as a drum-fan (e.g. since times with artists like Charly Antolini etc.) 
I implicitly want to hear it.

In this case, is it possible to get this title mailed from you als MP3 to me?
It would be very friendly, if you can help me and send this to me 

M - S - (Krefeld, Germany)

  • New Listener from the East Coast

Hey -- I'm Bill, from Broomall, PA (outside of Philly).  During the Holidays my nephew got me Altec Lansing speakers for my laptop and he set them up with the Winamp Player.  Then he showed me under Jazz and finally I found your station -- and from there "I've been hook!"  Just about everything I heard so far have been GREAT!!!  My favorite sound in jazz is Contemporary Big Band.  I'm a "drum nut" and a big fan of the late great -- Buddy I like my music not held back...just straight forward!

So, keep-up the great LIVE sounds and I'm spreading the word about insideJAZZ.


B - B -

  • So impressed!

I am elated with the quality/content of this feed!  I've been to the Baked Potato a few times and to imagine a live feed of the recordings is the pinnacle, and this feed has it. I am a Musician in Bakersfield and would like to know how I can be a part of this. If not, perhaps you could  just give me some history of how Insidejazz came about.

The reason I have contacted you is that so much of Internet Radio is sub-standard and what I hear represents something which is very listenable. So many are looking for something new, older ones and the young. This feed represents something which I would like to help promote.

>From one music lover to another,    

D -

  • Hello.

I am Emil From Stockholm, Sweden. Your music is GREAT! Me and my dad just discovered Inside Jazz and immediately liked it. Thanks for playing such great music!

/E -

  • More Fusion

So great to hear Mike Miller on your station!!

More fusion please!!

Great stuff

D -

  • Thank you guys

Great programmation guys , nice station to discover !!!

Thanks, E - , Canada

  • Just wanted to say thanks

....because Inside Jazz is so damn good. There's nothing else in internet radio that compares. There are plenty of other jazz radio streams out there, but most of them only play recordings. Since jazz is all about improvisation in the moment, there's just something lacking there. Thank you, keep up the good work. One question: is all of the stuff you play recorded in California jazz clubs? I haven't heard any East Coast or Chicago or New Orleans stuff. Take care,

-J - R -

  • The best Jazz!!

Hello Inside Jazz Team,

I am from Germany. Your Internet-Radio is great.

The Tracks very uniquely.



  • Congratulations

I've just discovered Inside Jazz.

This is one of the best Internet jazz stations I've found (I also listen to the Korean stream, Fallingstars), especially because there really is a difference in listening to live performers.

I'm able to take advantage of the high quality of Inside Jazz because I listen to it via my Roku M2000 SoundBridge, which is connected digitally to my high-end audio system. The sound is so great it's just like I'm right there in the club.

Thanks for making Inside Jazz possible.

D - W -
Coquitlam, B.C.

  • Heads up

Hey cats; first of all thanx for the sweet live content! I used to live in hollywood and frequented the Baked Potato back then. Your station has brought back a piece of  my swingin youth.

Just as an FYI, I noticed you're no longer listed in the winamp internet radio list. Luckily I knew your web URL and saw that you've upgraded the servers, which is great, but there may be some other winamp listeners jonesin for their live jazz fix.

Cheers and thanx again

K - H -

Great Effort!

  • Hi!

Stumbled across your broadcast and got stuck:)

Great sound! And the playing so far haven't let me down once.

Keep it up and hang in there - this stuff will prevail and attract web audience. Believe you me:)

Former live guitarist and now computer composer and occasional digital recordist of local groups in live club settings - I would really like to discuss your equipment and techniques. If you're not secretive about it;)

Particularly the drums can be a nightmare and I've noticed so far that you keep them rather down in the mix - I still have to hear a drummer driven band from your offerings (just been listening for a couple of days) - and electric piano/guitar has not been on air in this short time - love to hear your adaptation to these transients.

Hehe - as I write Marvin Smith comes on from the Baked Potato! Hm.. very closed miked drums (I like it) but my customers want some room ambience to go with the drums and I find it very difficult to accommodate that within reasonable levels of quality - mainly because of limitations of the room itself.

One final question - do you use post production reverb? I noticed that horns are hovering somewhat beyond the rest of the gang - PA system/live Reverb or post?

Well I leave you here with hat off for a tremendous effort!

Yours from now

K - H -

  • Subject: Where were You?


Since being introduced to your site about three months ago, I listen on a regular basis and have been sending the link to all of my friends.  I love it!  I love it! I love it!   After much experimentation I have finally figured out how to send the signal to my home stereo with a product from Hi-Fi Link.  I also occasionally listen to KCSM and KKJZ but alas only online since I live near Green Bay, Wisconsin and cannot get their signals.

Anyway recently I could not log onto your site.  I spent hours messing with my PC thinking that it was at fault.  Ah but there was a silver lining since I found four viruses.  A friend told me to use WinAmp online radio and there you were.  Then this afternoon I went to WinAmp and you were gone.  PANIC!!!!!  For the heck of it I tried my bookmark of your site and Thank God there you were! 

Come on guys I am 56 years old and a bit overweight.   Have some consideration for my heart.  I need you every day!!

Thanks for being there.  I'm serious.  If you were a Public Radio Station I would make a pledge.

P - G - B -

De Pere, WI

  • Thank you!

Really great stuff!  Besides enjoying your great stream, I'm learning about music venues in my adopted city of Los Angeles.  :)

Best regards,


Monrovia, CA

  • Greetings

Hallo from padua Italy best wishes for your jazz radio internet stationOK.

Bye, F -

  • Hello Inside Jazz,

Thank You so much for your good quality stream and good jazz music. I listen it every weekends at home. I love live jazz a lot.

Have a nice time.

M - K -

Czech Republic (middle Europe)

  • Hi,

I want to thank you for your jazz radio on internet from holland!

One little question. How often do you refresh your music. Is that monthly?

Greetings MP S - 

  • You're the Best!!

    Hello folks,

    Thanks sooooo much for all the great Live jazz!! It is very rare to meet a broadcast station in US which give us only such great Live Jazz in such good sound quality (its more typical here in Europe that the broadcast stations transmit so much Live Jazz from festivals and clubs!) I listen to your station every free minute, most of all I like your Concert Hour and Fusion hour!!

    I wish you a happy new Year and I hope that your sponsors are generous with you in the future!

    All the best,

    Rico, Dresden, Germany